Trust the Unseen: How to Live in Spirit and Truth |

Trust the Unseen: How to Live in Spirit and Truth

For many, this physical world is all there is. Angels and demons are nothing but a myth. Some would even call them “ghost stories.” But there is certainly a preoccupation with the unseen world that can’t be denied. There are numerous television shows, movies, and books that describe worlds beyond what we can physically see with our eyes. Have you ever wondered why are we so fascinated by the unseen and the supernatural?


Trust the Unseen: How to Live in Spirit and Truth |

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Truth: There is an unseen world. The Bible is very clear that this physical world we live in isn’t the end all of God’s creation. There is a spiritual realm that we can’t see with our physical eyes.


Colossians 1:15-16 tells us that Jesus is the visible image of an invisible God and that in Him, God created all things in the “heavenly realms and on earth.” We discover also in this passage that there are “thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities” in this unseen realm.

And the Bible doesn’t stop there. We find countless references to angels, demons, and “rulers of the unseen world” throughout the Scriptures.


So the spiritual realm is real, but what does that mean for us exactly? I have to be honest and admit that it’s hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes. I’m currently sitting in my living room with my daughter, but God’s Word also says that I’m seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 2:4-7) It’s mind-boggling, to say the least. But truth is truth.

We can’t see the wind, but we can see the effects of the wind as it blows through the trees. We can feel the breeze on our faces. In the same way, we can see the effects of the unseen all around us. We can feel it in our day-to-day lives.


The unseen world carries more truth and reality than the physical world.


For example, in this world we experience struggles. We may encounter times of poverty, sickness, and persecution. The world often labels us as worthless. But the truth is that in Christ, we are healed and loved. We are royalty and co-heirs with Christ. What is “unseen” about us as children of God is truer than the “seen” we experience in this life.

This is what it means to live and worship in Spirit and truth. We fix our eyes on the unseen truth. We live our lives based on the unseen rather than the seen.

God’s Word promises us peace, joy, strength, healing, rest, victory, eternal life, and many other promises too numerous to list! These promises aren’t limited to the future. They are for now. They are for this life. We are a nation of royal priests, co-heirs with Christ, and the light of the world. The Bible says we are, not we will be.


It is God’s desire for His children to live by the truth of the unseen rather than the lies of the seen.


Reality is not what we can see, rather it is in what we can’t see. Reality is God. It’s His Son. It’s the Holy Spirit living within us allowing us to worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The spiritual realm is far more real than the physical realm. We may not understand it fully now, but we will. The physical will pass away, but the unseen will last forever. (2 Corinthians 4:17-18)


When you are sick and in need of healing…

When you’re facing a crisis you can’t handle on your own…

When you’re overcome with grief or sadness…

When you are overwhelmed and overworked…

When you’re struggling with circumstances beyond your control…


…trust the unseen.


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. - 2 Corinthians 4:18


*Unless otherwise indicated, scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

**Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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