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A Practical Guide to Standing on the Word of God

We’ve all been there. Face to face with something we can’t handle on our own. Caught between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to look but up. To say that I’ve been there would be a serious understatement. And I’ve been told many times by trusted (and wise) individuals to stand on the truth of God’s Word… even when my circumstances were less than ideal. But how does standing on the word of God change things? And where do I begin exactly?


A Practical Guide to Standing on the Word of God | alyssajhoward.com


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Trust God. Stand in faith. Pray hard. We hear terms like this all the time in the church. But how often do we put them to practical use? It’s easy to say that God can be trusted and that He hears our prayers, but what about those of us who are struggling to understand how to go about standing on the Word of God in our day-to-day lives?


Here are four practical ways to stand in faith:


  • Recall God’s faithfulness in the past. When God told the Israelites to trust Him in every detail of their lives, He gave them a reason. In other words, He would say, “I am the Lord your God who…” And He would complete that sentence by describing all of the many times He had been there for them in the past. They didn’t have to trust Him simply because He said so, they could rely on Him and His faithfulness because they had seen it at work. God is good. This world isn’t always so kind, but He is ALWAYS good. Never forget that God is the very definition of love. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Period.


  • Using a concordance, make a list. I remember as a kid my mom using her very large concordance to search out key Scriptures. If you’ve never used one before, it’s fairly easy. You simply look up a keyword (for example: heal) and the concordance would list out each Scripture where that word was used. You could then make a list of Scriptures discussing a specific topic. Today, we have online concordances. We even have websites where we search by subject rather than relying on our exact keyword word. Make a list… seriously type it out… and put it somewhere you will see it all the time. Use these Scriptures in your prayers. Allow them to encourage you as you trust in God to meet your needs. (Here are a couple of my favorites: BibleGateway, OpenBible.info)


  • Resist the enemy. This step is key. The very moment you begin standing on the Word of God in your circumstance, he will most certainly try to stop you. Never forget that he is full of lies. He has no power whatsoever over your life… unless you give him power by believing his lies. Resist the devil and he WILL FLEE. Not walk… FLEE. Now that’s a promise to never forget!


  • Endure to the end. Keep going. Don’t give up. One of the enemy’s favorite tactics is to make you believe your promise is never coming or that somehow God forgot about you… or maybe he has convinced you that it’s “God’s will” for you to suffer. Jesus did say that in this life we would have trials, but He finished that statement by declaring our victory! (John 16:33) You are victorious in Him! Always and forever! Keep declaring no matter what. Continue to stand in faith. God ALWAYS keeps His promises!


Standing on the Word of God is an essential part of our victory as Believers.


A Practical Guide to Standing on the Word of God | alyssajhoward.com



*Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

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