How to Experience Peace When the World is Falling Apart |

How to Experience Peace When the World is Falling Apart

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! If you’re anything like me, this is exactly how you feel after watching the news. Our world seems to be utterly broken with little to no hope. And as a young woman living in a small town, I feel completely small and helpless. If there isn’t a natural disaster, there’s a terrorist attack. If there isn’t a terrorist attack, there’s a mass shooting. And if there isn’t a mass shooting, there’s a political scandal. What do we do when the world is falling apart?


How to Experience Peace When the World is Falling Apart |


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2 key truths to remember when the world is falling apart…


  • Looks can be deceiving…


Fear sells. It motivates us in a way that nothing else can. This truth is something that news outlets are completely aware of and use as they produce the news for us to watch each day. (I mean… how many different ways can a terrible situation be analyzed?) At the same time, it means that good news often falls to the wayside to make room for news people will actually watch.


There was a time when we didn’t know every single horrible thing going on in the world. Now we do. Each and every day. On one hand, we can see this as a good thing. After all, change can only occur when we recognize the need to change. But on the other hand, it has caused a lot of us to live in fear. It has also made us feel like the world is spinning off its axis. When in reality, the world has always dealt with terrible tragedies. Just look back at history and statistics. We talk about the ‘good ol days,’ but do we really want to go back to a time when Christians were brutally martyred in arenas as people watched for entertainment? Or how about a time when owning and mistreating slaves was considered normal? We’ve always had wars. We’ve always had diseases and famine. And we’ve always had evil people in the world who did evil things. Is it really worse now than it was then? Or has sin simply taken on new forms?

It’s definitely something to think about…


But let me challenge you with this: Instead of watching the news in fear, watch the news with hope. In other words, when you read or hear bad news, turn it into an opportunity to pray and trust God. He is making all things new. And our prayers are a part of that process. Paul said our battle is not against flesh and blood. So as you pray, remember that you are doing battle. You can fight terrorism and evil every time you bow your head to pray.


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  • God’s plan to make all things new is a process…


And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” – Revelation 21:5a


When Jesus came to this earth, He shed light on a lot of dark and ugly places. For example, the Pharisees had long been the religious leaders that everyone looked up to, but Jesus revealed their hearts. He shed His light on injustice as well when He preached about how the poor and the helpless were being mistreated.


As the light of Christ permeates this world through us, we will undoubtedly see some ugliness. But rest assured. God is making ALL THINGS new! And it’s a process… one that involves us, the Body of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 15:25-26, we can clearly see this process. God is at work until ALL of His enemies are under His feet… even death itself.


For [Christ] must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. – 1 Corinthians 15:25-26 (NIV)


When the world is falling apart (or seems to be), fight in prayer and find rest in the truth that we have an amazing hope for a glorious future in Jesus Christ our Lord!


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How to Experience Peace When the World is Falling Apart |



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