Encountering God’s Peace When You’re Emotionally Tired

I have to admit something… I am emotionally tired. As I sit here to write today’s post in our 31 days series on God’s peace, I feel like I’m speaking to myself more than anything. It’s hard to cope sometimes when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and sleep. Not from physical exhaustion, but from emotional exhaustion. It’s hard to always keep up with life’s demands. We have children to raise, houses to clean, jobs to go to, and through it all, we have to maintain healthy relationships with our spouses, family, and friends. And as much as I love writing, the demands of blogging are far more than I could have ever imagined. (Don’t worry… I love it too much to go anywhere!)

So what are we to do when we are too emotionally tired to get the stuff done that needs to be done? 


Encountering God's Peace When You're Emotionally Tired | alyssajhoward.com


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The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace. – Psalm 29:11


  • Take your emotions to God. Being emotionally tired means that at some point your emotions have been (or are currently) on overload. In other words, we tend to feel emotionally exhausted after an emotionally draining experience. So while at the moment, you may feel numb, that feeling is most likely your body’s way of shutting down from an emotional strain. For example, I often feel emotionally drained after a difficult day with my children. Raising kids brings up all sorts of emotions. I can feel angry, sad, excited, and even goofy all in a day’s work. By the end of the day, my emotions are worn out.

When the Bible says that God longs to be our strength, He isn’t just referring to hard times… He longs to be our strength in everything. And He is faithful to be there through the good and the bad.


  • Pray. Pray. And pray some more. Even when we take our hardships to God, the enemy has a way of reminding us of them. The Bible tells us to persevere for this very reason. Sometimes trusting God with our problems means that we have to KEEP trusting Him even when they resurface. Don’t allow the enemy to bring back into your life an issue that you have already taken to God.


  • Seek help from Scripture. I can’t emphasize this point enough. If I’m being honest, this is a skill that I learned first from my mother. She has had to persevere through many things in her life, and Scripture was key in providing her both strength and encouragement. If you were to see her bedroom and bathroom, you would find Scripture verses printed out and taped to her mirrors. She puts them everywhere as reminders of God’s promises in her life. (Click here for some key Scriptures if you’re currently emotionally tired.)


  • Seek help from a family member. By family member, I mean a brother or sister in Christ. We are a body of Believers, the family of God. It was His design that we would be relational with one another and that we would lean on each other in times of need… physically and emotionally.


When you’re emotionally tired and in desperate need of strength, remember that Jesus promised to be our rest… and He is always faithful.


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Encountering God's Peace When You're Emotionally Tired | alyssajhoward.com



*Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

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