Knowing Your True Identity and Why It Matters

Have you ever had your identity stolen? Identity theft has unfortunately become a common crime in our culture. Remember the days when being robbed meant actually having a physical item stolen from you? Now, your entire identity can be taken in a moment. And instead of simply replacing a stolen belonging, we now have to spend weeks, months, or even years untangling the messes left behind by identity thieves. But if we’re being honest, your true identity has nothing to do with your social security number or credit history. It’s about who God created you to be. And while it’s good to protect your identity from an earthly standpoint, it’s even more important to protect your spiritual identity.


Knowing Your True Identity and Why It Matters |


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When you know who you are, it directs every area of your life.

Think about it this way. If you knew you were about to receive a million dollars, how would you view your financial situation? How would that guide your spending? Would you be fearful or worried about money? On the other hand, if you knew a major expense was coming your way, you would probably watch your spending a bit more closely. Your spending habits would be on your mind in a very different and possibly unsettling way.

The same is true of job or status. A queen is going to make different decisions and life choices than someone who works a difficult job to make ends meet.

But what if you didn’t know who you were? How would that guide your day-to-day life? Or worse yet, what if you believed something about yourself that was a lie?


The Bible tells us that we are children of God. Royalty. Blessed with every spiritual blessing. It also tells us that we have been set free from both sin and death and that we have no reason in the world to fear. Yet, how many of us live in this truth? The enemy is constantly trying to convince us otherwise. Because he knows that if we knew and truly believed the truth about ourselves, we would live differently. And he would be in a lot of trouble!


When you know your true identity, you are less likely to fear.

If you had to walk down a dark alley in a bad part of town all by yourself, how would you feel? Now, take that same walk with a large team of armed and trained professionals who will stop at nothing to protect you. Would you feel differently?

This world is a dangerous place to be… and I’m not just referring to physical dangers. The Bible tells us that we have a spiritual enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. His fiery darts are being shot at us from all sides.

But the truth is that you are protected. Not only is God our Protector, but He is our strength in times of need. He has not only sent His angels to watch over us, but He has given us spiritual armor to withstand the enemy’s fiery darts.

Your true identity is found in Christ alone.


When you know who you are in Him, you will walk differently and talk differently. Your identity will greatly influence every decision you make…

…and you will lead the life that God intended for you to live.


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Knowing Your True Identity and Why It Matters |



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