When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary

You’re tired, weary, and you lack motivation. You’ve been spiritually fighting for a long while now, and you feel bruised and nearly defeated. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been there. The Bible tells us that our victory is secure in Christ and that He will be our strength in all things, but I have experienced times in my life when I felt nothing but weak and utterly defeated. What do you do when the truth of God’s Word seems to directly contradict what you are feeling and experiencing in your life?


When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary | alyssajhoward.com


  • Remember, you WILL win! Truth is truth, even if you can’t see it yet. When the Holy Spirit fell upon the earth in Acts 2, the Spirit realm invaded the physical realm. Paul spent much of his ministry explaining this truth to the new believers of the first century. What we see with our physical eyes in this physical world isn’t the truth. Jesus is the truth, and the truth now lives within you.

The truth is that your victory is secure and the enemy is already defeated. The truth is that by His stripes you are healed. And the truth is that you are currently seated with Christ in heavenly places.

The early church struggled with accepting these truths, and the church still struggles with it today. What is true and real in Christ is far more “real” than what we experience physically in this life. You are not defined by your imperfect physical self, but rather your perfect spiritual self in Christ Jesus. The enemy will try to convince you that what you see, taste, feel, and experience in this life is true and real… but we know that in Christ we have been made brand new and victorious.


You're not defined by your imperfect physical self, but by your perfect spiritual self in Christ.Click To Tweet


  • Spend some time abiding and resting in Christ. One of the many reasons Jesus came and died was so that we could enter into His rest. This is why the Sabbath was such an important part of the Old Testament. It was a shadow of what was to come in Christ. In our goal-driven culture, it’s easy to forget that God’s longs for us to abide and rest in Him. We often work ourselves to the bone and forget that God simply desires for us to sink into His arms and abide in His peace.


  • Seek out encouragement and prayer. When you are battle weary, never forget that you have a body of believers to rely on. This was God’s intention for us as His children… that we would lean on each other in good times and in bad. Yes, much of the battle is fought on our own. Many of the enemy’s lies are fought within the battlefield of the mind, and no one can fight those battles for you. But strength and encouragement can often be found in those God has placed in our lives.


  • Never give up. God never lets a spiritual battle go to waste. He has secured your victory; rest in that truth… even if you’re weary. Perhaps God will use this battle to cause spiritual growth in your life. Maybe He will use it to draw you closer to Him. Or better yet, He will use it later on in life when you encounter a friend or loved one going through a similar circumstance. You will never regret standing in faith in the midst of your battle, but you will regret giving up.


You will never regret standing in faith in the midst of a battle. You will only regret giving up.Click To Tweet


When you are weak, He is strong. So when you are battle weary, He will be your strength.


When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary | alyssajhoward.com


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*Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.


2 Replies to “When Spiritual Battle Has Made You Weary”

  1. “Remember you will win.” That spoke to me the most. How blessed we are to already know the end of our stories! Thanks for sharing this encouragement, Alyssa. We all go through weary times and it’s nice to have others in the family to encourage us to never quit.

  2. This writing speaks so strongly to most of us. Controlling our feelings and not letting our emotions wreck havoc on our faith is a full time task. I was bluntly reminded of this last year when a friend of mine took her own life by accidentally mixing sleeping meds and alcohol. She had gotten to a place where she believed that God’s promises were only meant for the next life and that this one was only suffering and pain.
    She was raised in a church that taught suffering was the only thing we deserve and despite many of us reaching out to her, she wasn’t able to overcome. I think I felt most bad because of my own circumstances being what they were, I had no tangible proof to show her that the Lord had blessed me. Many of my friends think my luck is just plain garbage and scratch their heads wondering why I seem to be cursed, as I have suffered many huge losses before even graduating high school. Keeping faith when our circumstances do nothing but contradict the Holy Word can trick us into believing that his promises are only meant for the next life and not for this one. An ongoing battle for many, so for those of you with amazing testimonies of his promises, continue to share and spread the faith! Thanks for sharing.

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