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Dare to Pray Big: The Power of Prayer in the Unseen Realm

I’ve been wrestling about writing this post for some time now. It’s not something I would normally write (or share) on the blog. But with all of the fear people are experiencing these days with the North Korea crisis and many other issues, the Lord really pressed upon my heart to share a dream I recently had. As the Body of Christ, we don’t have to sit idly by and just hope that God will intervene on our behalf. We have been given authority as the church of Jesus Christ to make a difference and to CHANGE the world around us.

Dare to Pray Big: The Power of Prayer in the Unseen Realm | alyssajhoward.com

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I hope this dream encourages and motivates you today to pray BIG prayers in faith and to declare “No!” to the enemy and his plans. Let’s come together to see things change for the glory of God!


The dream began with my family getting ready for Christmas. We were decorating, Christmas music was playing, and festivities were underway for the holiday. It was Christmas Eve, and I was reading a Christmas storybook to my girls.

In the book, I noticed a sentence in the story that didn’t belong. It described the main characters needing to find safety in a certain location of the house because they were in danger. I did a double-take as it caught my attention. It was certainly out of place in a children’s book about Christmas.

Then time passed to a new scene in the dream. My parents and I were tucking my two daughters into bed. We were in a high-rise building in a major city near the top floor. We heard a commotion going on outside and bombs started to drop from the sky. At that point, we began to run for cover. My dad and I grabbed my girls, and I remembered the line from the story I had read earlier. I ran to a safe corner just like they did in the story.

Immediately a bomb fell right where we had been a few seconds earlier and that portion of the building was gone!  We could see outside! The wall and part of the ceiling were gone. I finally understood why God had shown me that interesting line in the story… He protected me at that moment by preparing me ahead of time to know what to do.

Then I looked up and there was a large projected image on the wall up above us. It was a frightening man wearing a white mask. In my dream, I knew this man was a terrorist, and he wasn’t working alone.

He began to explain that this was just “a taste of what was to come for America” and that “this type of attack was occurring in every major city in the country.”  He said our “city wouldn’t survive to see Christmas Day.”


Suddenly, my mom and I yelled, “No!  In Jesus Name!” And immediately it was as if a camera began to rewind, and I heard a voice say “Strike that! Reverse it!”  …just like the old Willy Wonka movie.

My dream began to rewind like an old VHS cassette tape. We went backward in the “film” to the original scene in the dream. And once again, we were preparing for Christmas. Only this time, I knew there would be no terrorist attack. In fact, my family seemed to have no recollection of any potential danger whatsoever.

I heard the words…

This is what your prayers can do!


In the first part of the dream, God made a way of protection for my family in an unconventional way. Even in the midst of crisis, He was watching over us and had prepared us beforehand to do what we needed to do.

I also believe that God was teaching me an important lesson about the true power of prayer. Our prayers aren’t going unheard or unanswered, and they are powerful in the unseen realm! Our prayers ARE keeping things from happening! They ARE bringing about change! And they ARE working!


In this particular dream, two people said “No!” to the enemy, and it prevented a nationwide attack. How often do we feel like our prayers aren’t doing much? We watch the news. We see what’s going on in the world. And we feel like there’s nothing we can do to change things. But that simply isn’t true!

God showed me in this dream that our prayers matter more than we realize. And we may not always see the results here and now in the natural. When we’re in heaven looking back at our lives and our prayers, we will see just how much every single prayer mattered. We are moving mountains in the Spirit even when we don’t see it in this physical world!

Paul tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers in the unseen realm. And as a child of God, armed with the Word of God and His Holy Spirit, you have authority in that realm!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. – Ephesians 6:12

The sword of the Spirit is the most powerful weapon available… and you are holding it, my friend.

The time to fight is now, so start praying big!


Dare to Pray Big: The Power of Prayer in the Unseen Realm | alyssajhoward.com


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