How to Find Peace in Your Marriage |

How to Find Peace in Your Marriage

Marriage is bound to have moments of unrest. It doesn’t take long after the wedding day to figure out that marriage can have its difficulties. It’s inevitable for every couple to disagree or argue. But what if I told you that peace was indeed possible in your marriage?


How to Find Peace in Your Marriage |


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Now, I can’t promise you a marriage without fighting. Every marriage, even the best ones, will deal with complications and disagreements. But living in unity and peace have nothing to do with fighting or not fighting. It’s how we deal with these disagreements that make or break the peace in your marriage.

I could give you some practical marriage advice for when both parties are in agreement. For example, any married couple who has been happily married a decade or more will tell you that forgiveness is essential. Also, praying together and openly communicating are crucial parts of any godly marriage. But what do you do when your spouse isn’t in the “communicating” mood? How do you find peace in your marriage when it feels like it all depends on you?


  • Entrust your entire marriage to God. This feels like such a basic principle, yet it can be difficult at times to put into practice. In good times and in bad, God longs for you to have an amazing marriage. How do I know this? Well, the Bible tells us that marriage was designed to be a reflection of our relationship with Christ. We are His bride. 


  • Walk in peace in your own heart and life. If you truly want to find peace in your marriage, you have to be put forth the effort to abide in God’s peace in your own personal life. Let me put it this way. When I’m struggling with worry and fear, I tend to take it out on my husband. I’m not trying to do this… it just happens naturally. But if I surrender my personal worries to God, I have a better chance of keeping peace in my marriage.


  • Do everything possible on your end to live in peace. The Bible tells us to live in harmony with everyone… to do everything within our power to keep peace in our relationships. Obviously, there are times when we’ve done all we can and the other party refuses to do their part. But it is our responsibility to do everything on our end. So often, we think to ourselves, “I’ll put forth effort when they start putting forth some effort” or “If only they would try harder, I would try harder.” But if both spouses are thinking this way, how will peace ever be achieved?


If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. – Romans 12:18


  • Rest in God’s peace even if your marriage in a state of unrest. The best part about the peace of God is that it transcends all understanding. In other words, God’s peace trumps our circumstances. We can experience the peace of God even when things are less than ideal. So when your marriage is in a place of unrest, you can find rest in your Savior’s arms.


When abiding in God’s rest, peace in your marriage is indeed possible.


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How to Find Peace in Your Marriage |



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