How to Find Peace When You're Raising Little Ones (who like to be noisy) |

How to Find Peace When You’re Raising Little Ones (who like to be noisy)

My life before children was rather quiet. Calm. Peaceful. Sure, at the time I would have said that I was busy and things were chaotic. But I had NO CLUE what I was in for when I had two little girls 19 months apart. My life was suddenly much different. One baby was easy compared to two… I loved these little human beings more than anything. But how was I going to survive raising little ones?!


How to Find Peace When You're Raising Little Ones (who like to be noisy) |


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I have many mommy friends. And honestly, I don’t know how some of them do it. I see their pictures plastered on social media… all happiness and giggles. Everyone looks so calm and put together. I mean, how on earth do these moms do it? Four little ones at the fair?? I could barely get my two to church on time!


My girls are older now (5 and 4 at the time this is being written). And even though things can still get crazy, I’ve learned a lot.


  • Have a plan. When you “wing it” each day, it’s easy for the chaos to become too much to handle. When my girls were really little, this definitely looked more like a schedule than a routine. I needed some structure to keep my sanity! But now we have found a rhythm. I’m no longer looking at the clock, but we definitely have a sense of routine to our day. I also try to plan activities and fun to make each day special.


  • Activities, activities, activities. When my girls were really little, I found myself trying to survive the day… so much so that I wasn’t enjoying them the way I wanted to be. So we started doing more and more activities. Instead of sitting in front of a television screen, we are playing with play-doh, coloring, crafting, practicing our “letters,” etc. And when all else fails (and when the weather cooperates), we have a picnic outside!


  • Take time to focus on them and get to know them personally. Before I was a mom, I taught dance at a local studio. I loved working with the little ones especially. (Three and four year-old-girls have the funniest personalities!) But when I had my own children and life was crazy at home, it was easy to become so preoccupied with dishes and laundry, that I didn’t take the time to get to know my own girls and all of their funny quirks. I knew I needed to make a change, and I am so glad I did! I’m still their mom, but I’m also their friend. We talk about life, which is a habit I want to continue as they get older.


  • Surrender the chaos to God. When all else fails, take the chaos to your Father. He knows you and your children better than anyone else. He knows exactly what everyone needs in the most chaotic of moments. Let Him fill your heart with peace, inspire you to be creative, and strengthen you to maintain your patience in every circumstance.


God promises to be our peace… even when raising little ones who are less than peaceful!


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How to Find Peace When You're Raising Little Ones (who like to be noisy) |



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