Serving Your Spouse: The Secret to a Successful Marriage

We’ve all heard the statistics. Over fifty percent of marriages fall apart, and that number increases for subsequent marriages. As a culture, we cite a plethora of reasons for our divorces. We fall out of love. We desire to be with someone more “compatible” or who better meets our needs. There’s too much fighting. We simply aren’t happy. We deserve better. They are no longer the person I married. With every reason, we feel justified in walking away. It simply isn’t working anymore… right?

Serving Your Spouse: The Secret to a Successful Marriage |

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When it comes down to it, however, these are usually not the REAL reasons someone ends up divorced. If we’re truly being honest, the root of every one of these excuses is the desire to please oneself first and foremost. Instead of marriage being about serving your spouse, it becomes all about meeting your own needs and making yourself happy.

  • Do what makes you happy…
  • You have to love yourself before you can love someone else…
  • Follow your heart…
  • Only you can make your dreams come true…
  • You can do anything you set your mind to do…

These are just some of the sayings that we hear constantly in our culture today. Even my daughters’ favorite television shows (designed for young children) preach these “truths.” At first glance, they seem like harmless sayings. In fact, they sound quite good. The problem with these sayings, however, is that they are half-truths. They place all of the emphasis on self. YOU can do anything. Make YOU happy.


The truth is that if you go into marriage with this type of selfish mentality, you are seriously crippling your relationship. Doing what makes you happy may mean that you are justified in walking away from your marriage if you’re ever unhappy. You deserve to be happy right?

Marriage was designed to be sacrificial – it requires serving the needs of your spouse before your own.

We can’t control the actions of others; we can only control our own actions. If I’m expecting my husband to make me happy all the time and he doesn’t meet my expectations, we have a problem. But if my goal is to meet HIS needs… that’s something I have control over.

You see, the truth about marriage is that it was designed to be more about service than about romance. Yes, marriage certainly has its romantic side; but romance was never the purpose of marriage.


Now I must attach a disclaimer to this post… sometimes divorce happens beyond our control. Sometimes the other spouse walks away and gives us no say in the matter. Sometimes they cheat with no intention of changing their ways. And in worst case scenarios, abuse is involved. I’m not talking about these cases. Not every divorce stems from selfish desires. But unfortunately, if your idea of marriage has more to do with what you are getting out of it more than what you are putting into it… you are heading towards a dangerous path.


  • Seek the joy of the Lord, rather than earthly (and temporary) happiness…

Serving God leads to true joy that can’t be taken away (a joy that your spouse can’t possibly provide).

  • You have to love God before you can truly love someone else…

It’s His love flowing through you that allows you to genuinely forgive others, make allowances for their faults, and love unconditionally.

  • Follow after God’s own heart…

Allow His desires to become your desires.

  • Only God can make your dreams come true…

When God plants dreams deep within your heart, He is faithful to make them come true.

  • You can do all things through Christ…

When your heart and mind are in line with Christ’s, you can do all things through Him who gives you strength.


Here’s the challenge: Seek to serve.

So many of us think, “I’ll serve my spouse when they (fill in the blank).” But it isn’t about what “they” do. It’s about what you do.


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Remember that in serving your spouse, you are serving Jesus.

Only He can provide true joy and happiness in your life. He never disappoints, and His love never fails.


Serve one another humbly in love. - Galatians 5:13


*Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

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